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Line PC Client on GNU/Linux

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The Line by Naver IM application is becoming a really interesting application on Android and, one great feature, is that you can have also a PC version, sadly only Windows and Mac OSX.. But we have Wine :>.

I've to say that I've used some times ago and it worked well with wine but, after a Line upgrade it stopped working.

Starting from Wine 1.5.28 it works again but it gave me an error after the login phase, a Line internal error, not related to wine this time.

Thanks to some folk on winehq, finally I've discovered the problem: it needs vcrun2008 to works.

As suggested, after getting winetricks if you don't have it, just do a

winetricks vcrun2008

and you're done. Line is working great know (about the chat, I didn't checked the voice calls).

Have a good chats! :)

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Debian Unofficial Repositories

Debian OpenLogo

Debian OpenLogo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even if our beautiful Debian Repository is huge, maybe because of the license or the maintaining, often some software is missing.

In the always-useful Debian wiki there's a nice list with some Unofficial Repositories you  may want to use.

The cleanest way is to create a new file under the dir  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ adding the repository you've choosen.

Enjoy! 😉

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